How to Change Color of Watercolor Swash Header / Footer on Hallie Theme

Here’s what we want. We want to change the color of the default blog header in our Hallie theme to whatever we want. In this case, from this:

To this:

It’s quite simple to do this using Photoshop. You would basically just open the topborder.png and bottomborder.png images included in your theme download folder and apply a color overlay to them. Here’s how.

That said, you may not have access to Photoshop or know how to use it. That’s where Picmonkey comes in. It’s free (you will need to create an account) and online so that it’s quite easy to access.

Here’s how to change that header color in no time.

After you’ve got your image downloaded from Picmonkey, simply upload it under Customize > Header > Header Background. Make sure you choose to insert the full image size.