How To Create Password Protected Client Galleries For Photography Sites

Some Photographers using our themes want to create password protected galleries for their clients to view. Here is my suggestion on how to do this using WordPress’ password protected pages.

1. Create a new page by navigating in your WordPress dashboard to your pages tab.

2. On the right you will see an option to make to edit the visibility of the page. Click Edit.


3. Select the option to make your page password protected. Enter a password that you will give to your client. For demonstration purposes I have chosen the password donkey.


4. Add your client gallery to your pages using any of our built-in gallery functions.

5. Note the page url. This is the link you can send to your client to view. Alternately, you can add the page to your menu or use this url to create your very own client gallery page by inserting the link using the custom links gallery feature.