Hallie Homepage Setup

The easiest way to get your site looking like the demo above is via our one-click demo install. Then, simply replace our content with your own. You can also choose to install just the widgets and keep your own site content intact.

However, if you don’t want to install any demo content, feel free to follow the steps manually below.

STEP  1:

Set up your header widgets. Psst. You can install the widgets to look like the demo above with just one click. Or, go to appearance / widgets.

Look for the Top Bar Left Side and Top Bar Right Side widgets areas. Here are the widgets we use in the demo. You can use whatever widgets you like.

STEP  2:

Set up your homepage. Create a blank page. Make sure you have the recommended plugins installed. Then just go to the brackets on the top right to insert the shortcodes we use on our homepage.

Simply replace our dummy content with your own.

Make sure you choose to display your homepage as a static page.

STEP  3:

Insert your own footer content under appearance / widgets. Replace your Instagram Username with your own, or leave it blank. Add widgets by dragging / dropping them to footer column 1, 2, or 3.











Insert Your 3 Image Links







Step 4

Add Page Content by simply clicking on your homepage to edit it. We used the following shortcode to make our text fit a more narrow area.



Step 5

Add your featured Woocommerce products. Here’s the shortcodes we entered on our homepage:

Featured Products

[featured_products per_page=”4″ columns=”4″]

Step 6

Add more site content. Here’s what we entered:

You can literally customize your blog page using both shortcodes and widgets to look however you like. This theme is incredibly flexible. Move these content areas around to make your homepage work for you.

Step 7

Enter Your Latest Posts. Here’s the Shortcodes we Used:

Latest Posts

How to Add Social Media Icons to Posts and Pages

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